About Pai-Jui

Pai-Jui Metals and Furniture Manufacturing Plant was founded in 1999 in Huizhou, Guangdong, China.  Our products include TV shelves, stacks, coffee table, beds, bathroom amenities, etc., and are shipped around the world.  We have expertise in manufacturing with various materials, including, but not limited to, metal tubes, aluminum, copper, and wood.

Pai-Jui's plant area covered 12000 square meters during its establishment, but expanded to 30000 square meters as we grew.  There are currently four major factories with 400 employees.  The entire production line (including feed, R&D, manufacturing, packaging, and inspection) is placed on site to ensure highest quality.



Everything starts with R&D.  Both in-house and commissioned works are supported by our R&D team.  The production of every piece of furniture is guided by a standardized, systemized "Product Processing Guide" to ensure perfection.  Before mass production, every product must also pass various international safety standards so that we bring beauty and safety into the homes of our customers.


Production Process

Metal tubes of various sizes and types are first delivered to our factory, then they are cut, bent, welded, painted/coated, packaged, and inspected before they become the finishing product we see.  Pai-Jui uses different equipment (for example a 200 ton punching machine) to produce different kinds of products.  The most important procedure in ensuring the highest quality is the development of the mold.  Pai-Jui has a team of mold development experts who can develop molds independently.  We have already developed thousands of molds since inception, and the quality has passed the test of time.  Our expertise also lies in painting.  We pride ourselves in possessing an 800 meter fully automated, static electric powder coating line (phosphate processing and coating are automated to increase production efficiency and enhance quality).  Liquid painting and hand painting are also our forte.


Packaging and inspection

Our greatest sense of achievement comes from the joy of our customers when they open the packages to reveal their new furniture.  Our passion for furniture is the reason why we pay special attention to details.  This dedication helps us ensure the highest quality, and our inspection mechanism helps us maintain that focus.

Our passion brings dedication, dedication ensures quality.

For many years, Pai-Jui has continuously improved our standards.  Every piece is worked toward perfection in terms of quality and craftsmanship.  Our skills and people have helped the company grow.  We also meet the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification criteria, so you can entrust us with your orders.


Our Tienjin plant at Wuqing will officially begin operation in March 2010.  We look forward to serving you.



Pai-Jui Metal Furniture Manufature

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