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然後將溫暖與趣味傳遞出去,祈願豐富我們日複一日的人生。」CONQUER 是父親玻璃工廠的名字。







We started as a factory and continued our journey by collecting items that would beautiful homes.

Our mission is the propagation of warmth and whimsy and the enrichment of our sometimes monotonous life.

CONQUER is the name of our father's glass factory. The roots of us as a glass factory enable us to develop a plethora of products using a mixture of different medium.

Our experience of starting as a glass factory imbues us with a sense of familiarity and mastery of materials that transitions us from merely a factory to a combination of an OEM factory, an ODM workshop and a manufacturer of products of our own design.

The recent recruitment of fresh talents and personnels not only adds to our export volume abroad but also enables us to open a store fronts at Taipei City.

Each product we sell now embodies the experience and personal growth we garner along this journey and it is our sincere hope that these beautiful products will broaden everyone’s imagination of what a home can become.

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